Welcome to BJJ DAD

It’s so exciting to start this blog about my BJJ journey.
The name BJJ DAD means a lot of things to me, DAD is an acronym to many things.
It means Drill After Drill
It means Drill A Day
It means Drill Analyze Drill
It means Drill And Drill
But above all it means Dad :-)

One of the key questions to myself is what is drilling?
Is it being on the mats all the time?
Is it going over key details and taking mental/physical notes?
Is it studying new moves?
Might it be drilling my combat attitude, is it too reactive or too offensive?
Maybe drilling my mental readiness?
Or it might even be drilling my daily routine, practice, learn, recover, eat well, sleep well.

I’d like to use this blog to explore the things that I come across in my BJJ journey.
The small things that make a difference for me.

A great coach once said: “Small things wins BIG games”, it is so true when it comes to BJJ. It is all in the details.

Until next time,