Lately I’m thinking a lot about my BJJ style

What is my style?
Am I too defensive, for sure I’m not too aggressive
How should I play when I’m rolling? of course it makes a difference who you are rolling with, right?
Is the opponent younger than me? usually the answer is YES, but that’s not the only factor
Is the opponent higher rank than me? Again, probably YES
Is the opponent heavier than me? well, I would like to say, advantage point for me
Is the opponent in better shape than me?

The one thing that I’m sure of is that I don’t really have a style yet, but I do have to adopt one that take into consideration all of the above, and my shape, strength, explosiveness (Or lack of it), my weight, my skill level, and my long term goals.

I’ll keep you updated while I’m moulding my style to fit me.

Until next time,