DISCLAIMER - Those are just my notes and how I see things (as a white belt) that helps me remember, I'm adding video reference for the full complete and correct details whenever I can find it.

I had a great session today

We worked on passing the open guard into control
We worked on passing the open guard and establishing back take
We worked opening the close guard into control
We worked on the half guard, again you guessed it right, into control

And all of that was so great!

But inside all those training and details that were demonstrated to us, there was one small thing.

Professor Greg showed it as an option for submission while being in dominant side control position, it was just one of many and was mentioned briefly,
But I think it was true GOLD!


It’s the bread cutter from side control

Very simple and if done right very effective.


- Get to side control
- Grab the collar, not too deep
- Use the other arm to grab the shoulder area
- Put the arm across the neck and at the same time pul the elbow down and push the shoulder up.
- In case of defense using the arm, use the head to push it a way.

Youtube Example

Until next time,