DISCLAIMER - Those are just my notes and how I see things (as a white belt) that helps me remember, I'm adding video reference for the full complete and correct details whenever I can find it.

While working on my game plan, actually write it down and see what go to moves I know and how I can apply them (See previous post),
I started looking into multiple directions, that’s when I stumbled upon a youtube video of John Danaher showing the Knee & elbow escape.

Few nuggets from that video:

It is all about the wedges, you should disrupt your opponent’s hold on you
It is going from perpendicular to parallel

To watch the video:
How To Do The Perfect BJJ Side Control Escape by John Danaher

How he sets it up


- When under side control - you are in perpendicular position
- Elbow in, like we always do
- Knee goes into the opponent’s hip, foot is higher than the knee
- Shrimp and move the knee in, it makes a v shape with the elbow in
- Put foot over foot and push the opponent away
- Your elbow hand know goes inside the opponent’s hand and frames, to stop the cross face
- Four fingers on the hand that posts
- Open the close guard and sweep using scissors sweep motion
- Move knee in

Now you are parallel position

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