DISCLAIMER - Those are just my notes and how I see things (as a white belt) that helps me remember, I'm adding video reference for the full complete and correct details whenever I can find it.

Setting up a choke and follow up with a sweep and a mount choke

How we set it up


- From the close guard
- Grab the collar, for cross collar choke
- Go for the other side
- if defended, pull the arm across, the bicep close to the opponent’s neck
- Pull him in, grab behind the head and squeeze
- Other option
- Four fingers on the hand that posts
- Open the close guard and sweep using scissors sweep motion
- Now in mount
- Hand still hold the collar deep
- Hand holds the collar and pushed to the mat
- Other hand goes over the head
- Keep low, your head to the mat
- Finish the choke by opening the neck with the elbow\

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