DISCLAIMER - Those are just my notes and how I see things (as a white belt) that helps me remember, I'm adding video reference for the full complete and correct details whenever I can find it.

Last session we drilled the spinning Kimura from knee on belly.
There are many variations, details and approaches.

These are some notes for my self…

The spinning Kimura from knee on belly

The moves:

- Already passed the guard
- Knee on belly
- Dive to grab the under hook
- Spin
- Push the head between the spinning legs
- Sit on the opponent’s body
- Slide the leg to the head
- Slide the other leg under the head
- Pull the hand to the chest
- Apply the Kimura


- Slide the other leg under the head
- Scissor the neck

Youtube Example But, don’t fall, get it from sitting position.

Go for the arm-lock, same setup

- Already passed the guard
- Side Control
- Trap the arm
- Secure the head, fist to the ground
- Leg cross the head
- Don’t fall to the ground
- Other Knee to the ground, stops the opponent from escaping
- Arm-lock on the thigh

That’s where you want to be, do a leg switch, one under the neck, the other(back) in kneel position. (see example video)

From here - Kimura or arm-lock on the thigh

Youtube Example


- Already passed the guard
- Side control
- Push the knee to lift the arm
- Instead of going for the arm-bar, arm-lock to the thigh

See how he lifts the arm, then you can go for the arm-bar (classic)
Attack the arm-lock

Youtube Example

Until next time,