There is a saying

“When preparation meets opportunity that’s luck”


“When opportunity meets desire that’s luck!”

Mine is when I found King Jiujitsu [OSS]

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I was doing Krav Maga and I wanted to add BJJ to the mix, but where?
So the desire was there, but I didn’t know where to go.
Just next door to my Krav Maga place I saw a banner “King jiujitsu”, that’s was the opportunity!
And I have to say that I was lucky to start my BJJ journey at King’s Jiujitsu academy.

I don’t remember the feeling when I first stepped on the mats, but I do remember that I felt right at home.
One of the great things that Professor Greg established in his academy is the team spirit,
the brotherhood and the care. High quality training with great group of people and atmosphere that promotes excellence.

It is a great mix of different aspects of training

- Basics and fundamentals
- Advanced classes
- Self defense
- Competition training
- Conditioning and endurance

The professor and coaching team are so dedicated that you can actually train 7 days a week, that’s something that shouldn’t be taking for granted!

It doesn’t really matter that the team grows,
The professor has a way of keeping the personal
touch with each and every one of us.
That’s special!

There’s a lot more to say and I can keep talking on so many aspects, the great team of black belts, my own role models, the team and on and on,

But I want to keep it short.

If you are in Thornhill/Toronto and want to BJJ
The best thing you can do is join us at @kingjiujitsu!

Until next time,